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The SHAMCI secretariat held its 8th Annual Network Meeting

The secretariat of the Solar Heating Arab Mark & Certification Initiative (SHAMCI) represented by RCREEE held its 8th Annual Network meeting on the 23rd and 24th March 2022 online. The meeting’s objective is to follow up on the progress achieved in Egypt and Jordan, and to discuss the readiness of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Lebanon toward the adoption of SHAMCI scheme as official quality certification of the solar thermal products at the national level in those countries. Furthermore, the meeting was an opportunity for the network members and experts to exchange ideas and agree financial and operational decisions on the development of the solar thermal industry in the Arab market through SHAMCI program. About SHAMCI Network: The SHAMCI Network is the framework for development, implementation and maintenance of the Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative (SHAMCI). The Network consists of a group of regional and international experts, working under the umbrella of the Arab Ministerial Council for Electricity according to decree 217 of the 28th session of the Executive Office of the Ministerial Council of the Arab Electricity dated 8/1/2013. The Network includes representatives from certification bodies and testing laboratories and other relevant institutions from the Arab countries as well as observers from other organizations.