Internal Regulations

SHAMCI Network is an international stakeholder network, which is responsible for developing and running SHAMCI. Network members are representatives from energy authorities, industrial sector, certification bodies, testing and inspection bodies, consumers, NGOs, international organizations, and other concerned stakeholders. The network membership includes 3 types/ levels (Official representatives, Observers, Private sector members)

Network members take charge of the following activities:

  • Developing and updating the certification standards and scheme.
  • Harmonizing certification practices and processes.
  • Approving and listing certified products.
  • Organizing regular network meetings and facilitating communication between stakeholders (in general twice a year)
  • Selecting, verifying, and monitoring of test laboratories and ensuring results accuracy.

SHAMCI Network provides a platform for regional solar thermal stakeholders to engage in policies design and knowledge exchange. 


Download SHAMCI Network Internal Regulations.

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