Apply for SHAMCI

Are you a solar water heater manufacturer or supplier in one of the countries within the SHAMCI scheme? Would you like to test the quality of your business, increase its competitiveness and benefit from unbiased assessment of your products?

Then SHAMCI is your helper.

The following is an easy and approachable guide of how to obtain a SHAMCI license.


SHAMCI Certification Process Flowchart



* CB: Certification Body    -   ** FPC: Factory Production Control   -  *** QMS: Quality Management System


There are three main phases to obtain a SHAMCI Certificate as discussed below. As a SHAMCI license applicant, you actively contribute to the first phase only. For a list of SHAMCI national certification bodies, please visit SHAMCI Authorized Bodies in Directory.


(I)Phase One: Application


Who is involved?

The interested applicant and the national certification body

What is the process?  

  1. The applicant contacts the SHAMCI authorized national certification body and inquire about the required application documents
  2. The certification body provides the applicant with a SHAMCI application form
  3. The applicant fulfills the requirements mentioned application, prepares the required documentation and fills in the application form fully and as indicated by the certification body.
  4. The applicant pays the application fees and delivers the completed application folder

What are the outcomes?

The application folder is received by the certification body and the procedure for assessment begins


(II)Phase Two: Conformity Assessment


Who is involved?

The national certification body, the inspection body and an authorized testing facility

What is the process?  

  1. Inspection of the manufacturer’s facility and the applied quality management system
  2. Selecting valid samples of the product to be licensed
  3. Testing the product samples

What are the outcomes?

(A)Inspection report and (B) Testing report,

submitted by the inspector and the test facility to the certification body


(III)Phase Three: Certification


Who is involved?

The national certification body

What is the process?  

Confirming that the product and the applicant’s facility are in accordance with SHAMCI requirements (with the support of the reports from phase two)

What are the outcomes?

In case of conformity

> SHAMCI certification issued to the applicant

In case of nonconformity

> Application refused (informing the applicant about the nonconformities according to the national and internal regulations of the certification body)



For more specific information and details, please contact the concerned national certification body in your country.