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SHAMCI Network held its 6th annual Meeting in Tunis

In collaboration with the National Tunisian Agency for Energy Management (ANME) and the Technical Center for Building Materials, Ceramics and Glass (CTMCCV), SHAMCI network held its 6th annual members meeting on the 7th and 8th of December 2017 in Tunis, Tunisia. This years’ SHAMCI network meeting was attended by more than 30 members representing certification and standardization bodies, testing facilities, energy ministries and agencies, as well as manufacturers and experts in the field of solar thermal energy and quality from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco. The objectives of this year’s meeting were to discuss questions related to the implementation of the SHAMCI program at the national level in the Arab countries, and to address legal, financial and operational matters regarding the cooperation agreements that will govern the relation between SHAMCI Secretariat and the national concerned certification bodies. Furthermore, the meeting was an occasion for the network members to amend and approve new versions of SHAMCI related documents, and to elect Mme. Souad Abrougui as the new SHAMCI network president for the following three years.