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Regional Workshop for Jordan and Egypt : “Developing Executive Work Plans for SHAMCI in Egypt and Jordan”

In cooperation with the New and Renewable Energy Authority of Egypt (NREA) and the Technical Assistance to the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme in Jordan (REEE II) affiliated to the Jordanian ministry of energy and mineral resources, SHAMCI Network secretariat has organized a regional workshop on 15th and 16th May 2017 at RCREEE’s headquarters and NREA premises in Cairo, Egypt. The workshop attendees represented the national stakeholders in Egypt and Jordan, as well as several regional experts and observers. The goal of the workshop was to discuss with all relevant institutions (certification bodies, testing laboratories and inspection bodies) in Egypt and Jordan the needed requirements to implement SHAMCI at national level. Additionally, to come up with clear agreed-upon work plans in order to accelerate SHAMCI implementation and ensure that all necessary mechanisms and conditions are available for granting the first SHAMCI Mark by end of 2017. The workshop concluded with the agreement upon the urgent need to translate the final versions of SHAMCI scheme rules and annexes to Arabic, and circulating it among network members before sending its final copy to the Arabic Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO). In addition, the attendees also agreed to keep up coordinating between the institutions concerned with SHAMCI in Egypt and Jordan, in order to carry out the work plans and to continuously inform SHAMCI network members about the entire project’s updates in the Arab countries.