Network Members

Currently, SHAMCI network consists of 59 registered members out of 22 countries:

  • 33 Official representatives
  • 12 Private sector members
  • 14 Regional and international observers

Official Members


Name Country Organization E-mail 
Hassan Qasem AIDMO AIDMO [email protected] 
Abdelkrim Chenak Algeria CDER [email protected]
Ali Abdullatif Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority [email protected] 
Nasser Arrwaily Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority [email protected] 
Nagwa Hamed Egypt EOS [email protected] 
Raafat Abdelkader Egypt NREA [email protected]
Dr. Naseer Karim Qasem Iraq  Ministry of Electricity [email protected]
Reem Hanna JCEE German Technical Cooperation GIZ [email protected]
Nidal Abdulla  Jordan NERC [email protected] 
Amal Altararwah Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water [email protected] 
Muneera Aldhafairi Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water [email protected]
Jamila Matar  LAS League of Arab States - Energy department  [email protected] 
Mohamed Hajjar Lebanon Industrial Research Center  [email protected]
Haykal Khlail Lebanon LCEC [email protected] 
Mohammad Abdunnabi Libya Center for Solar Energy Research and Studies (CSERS) [email protected]
Mr. Ibrahim Tawil Libya REAOL [email protected]
Aalaeddine KHATOURI Morocco IMANOR [email protected] 
Ahmed tabarani  Morocco  ADEREE [email protected]
Basel Yassin Palestine  Palestinian energy research center (PERC) [email protected] 
Abdulla Alkhulaifi Qatar KAHRAMA [email protected]
Saleh Marri Qatar KAHRAMA [email protected]
Ashraf Kraidy RCREEE RCREEE [email protected] 
Khalid Salmi RCREEE RCREEE [email protected]
Maged Mahmoud RCREEE RCREEE [email protected] 
Saleh Mohammed Al-Otaibi Sauidy Arabia  Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization [email protected] 
Alaa El Din Adam Sudan Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity [email protected] 
Souad BOUBAKKER Tunisia ANME [email protected] 
Mohamed Benchaabene Tunisia CTMCCV [email protected]
Mounir AL Bahri Tunisia CTMCCV [email protected] 
Amr Abdull Hai UNEP UNEP [email protected] 
Osman Abd Allah Yemen Ministry of Electricty [email protected] 
Osman Abd Allah Bahwayret Yemen Ministry of Electricty [email protected] 


Permanent Observers

Name Country Organization Email
Jan Erick Nelson  Denamrk Plan Energy - SKN [email protected] 
Salama Shahat Egypt EOS [email protected]
Wael Sabri Egypt GIZ [email protected]
Mr. George Abboud Lebanon Earth Technology SAL (private) [email protected]  
Rabih Shehayeb Lebanon  Kodorat (private company) [email protected] 
Dr. Emanuela Menichetti  France OME – Director of RE division  [email protected] 
Harald Dreuk Germany Stuttgart Unoversity- SWT [email protected] 
Mohamed Kordab Syria Damascus University  [email protected] 
Nour Eddin Ketari Tunisia Consultant [email protected]
Kemal Byrakatar Turkey IZOCAM [email protected] 
Korbinian Karmer  Germany FRAUNHOFER ISE [email protected]
Ken Guthrine  Australia Sustainable Energy Transformation [email protected]
Arnulf Knore  Germany GIZ [email protected]

Private Secor Members

Name Country Organization Email
Wael Madkour Egypt SEDA [email protected]
Dr. Adel Beshrara Egypt  Global Renewable Energy Company [email protected]
Imad Hanania Jordan Hanania Co.FPT [email protected]
Hanna Akara Lebanon KYPROS - FPT [email protected] 
Sami Tfaily Lebanon Tfaily Solar - ET [email protected] 
Jirair Cherkezian Syria Altawfeer Solar - ET [email protected]
Yasser Khalouf Syria Khallouf - FP [email protected]
Sinan Kordab Syria REACO - FTP [email protected]
Ahmed ernez Tunisia Biome Solar Industry - BSI [email protected] 
Sami Marrouki Tunisia ECO-SER [email protected]
Amgad Sebaai Tunisia S.IN.E.S [email protected]